We're attending showcase festival Reeperbahn Festival taking place from 18–21 September in Hamburg, Germany.

On September 18 we have an exciting Music Moves Interns meeting and workshop at Reeperbahn. Music Moves Interns is a programme led by us and implemented in partnership with WHY Portugal and FACTORY 92. It aims to significantly contribute to improving the availability of on-the-job internships in music companies for young music professionals in Europe.

Within this programme we test 5 traineeship cycles, with 2 facilitator organisations involved (Music Estonia and WHY Portugal), and capture all learnings into a comprehensive and transferable Facilitated Traineeship Programme model that can later be implemented in other such organisations, making the network and traineeships “market” bigger.

Besides that, our CEO Virgo Sillamaa participated in EMEE (European Music Exporters Exchange) meeting which took place on September 17.

Read more about the festival.


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