One of the most important showcase festivals Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) 2020 takes place on January 15–18 at Groningen, the Netherlands. We are also attending and the line-up includes three Estonian acts – Estoner, YASMYN and Mart Avi.

Estonian artists at ESNS 2020


THU 16 Jan | 20:45–21:30 | Mutua Fides 

Estoner is an experimental massive metal mixture of sludge, doom, black, prog and psychedelia that will blast your brains to kingdom come.


FRI 17 Jan | 20:00–20:45 | Huize Maas, Front

YASMYN's sonic arsenal includes elements of trap, soul, R&B, house and other elements, but instead of stylistic hopscotch she seamlessly blends them into a unique whole, with mellow vocals and a hypnotic stage presence.

Mart Avi

FRI 17 Jan | 23:00–23:45 | Simplon, Up 

Tallinn Music Week 2017 & 2018 Artist Prize winner
Recommended Artist by ESNS Media Partners 2020

Mart Avi plays at being both the sonic hunter and the hunted between lights and shadows of the grand pop-amnesia.

Music Estonia at ESNS 2020

Virgo Sillamaa, the director of Music Estonia will participate in the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE) meeting where new members will be accepted and the outcome of the European Music Export Strategy presented.

Besides that, we will attend Music Moves Interns project summary meeting. Music Moves Interns is an international internship programme focused on connecting young professionals and established companies in the music industry with a goal to facilitate a wholesome and useful internship experience. 
Within this programme we tested 5 traineeship cycles, with two facilitator organisations involved (Music Estonia and WHY Portugal), and will capture all learnings into a comprehensive and transferable Facilitated Traineeship Programme model that can later be implemented in other such organisations, making the network and traineeships “market” bigger.

During the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) meeting we will meet representatives of festivals, export offices and national radio broadcasters united within the European Broadcasting Union. We are going to present the artists of  this years' festival to each other and discuss the development of the ETEP programme.

Virgo Sillamaa is also one of the speakers of the conference session "Music Moves Europe: What’s in it for the industry" taking place on Friday, January 17 at 13:30–16:00 at De Oosterpoort, Back 7. In this session, representatives of the European Commission and of the music sector will take you through the main features and perspectives of "Music Moves Europe", the first EU initiative dedicated to the music sector.

Besides us, Maarja Merivoo-Parro, Koit Raudsepp, Kristo Rajasaare from Estonian radio station Raadio 2 (ERR), Ingrid Kohtla, Natalie Mets, Roman Demchenko from Tallinn Music Week, Peeter Ehala from company FastRise and Tarmo and Krista Sillaots from Pianoman Music Agency will also attend the festival.

Music Moves Europe Talent Awards

On January 17, at ESNS The Music Moves Europe Talent Awards award ceremony takes place. It's the new European Union Prize for popular and contemporary music. The awards celebrate emerging artists who represent the European sound of today and tomorrow. Every year, eight outstanding artists will receive a Music Moves Europe Talent Award in recognition of their international success, as well as being rewarded with a performance at ESNS, a training programme and financial support for touring and promotion. In addition to this, one of sixteen nominees takes home the Public Choice Award.


ESNS is a non-profit, European artist only, 100% showcase festival and music conference. Selling out each year ESNS attracts over 4.000 professional delegates, including 400 international festivals, and showcases around 350 European artists for over 40.000 visitors total. ESNS has a proven track record for helping break new acts on the international live music scene. The showcase event has been responsible for kickstarting the international careers of artists such as Shame, Her, Alma, Roosevelt, Aurora, Dua Lipa and many more. This is not only done by offering these acts as a stage during ESNS but also by supporting them after the event by way of the European Talent Exchange Programme.

Photo: Jessie Kamp

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