Ingrid Stroom is the new head of the music industry development centre and export office Music Estonia’s Live branch from June 4.

Ingrid Stroom is the production and project manager of live music events residing in Finland for the last 13 years. She has worked as the production manager and coordinator of the Finnish WKND festival, but has also participated in organizing various other concerts and festivals. In recent years, Stroom has worked as a freelance consultant, advising festivals and event organizers across Europe. Her recent main focus has been on the use of cashless systems at large events.

“I look forward to contributing to the development of the Estonian live music sector and helping to create the necessary opportunities after a long absence. The Estonian live music sector has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, which is why it is also extremely important that there is a well organized umbrella organization, which would help to continue this development and bring the representatives of the live sector to a common table. Developing cooperation at the international level is important for the Estonian live market in order to bring the world's top artists to the audience, but also to work at the grassroots level, which would support Estonian artists in reaching a wider international audience. ” says Ingrid Stroom.

The aim of the Live Music Estonia branch, founded under Music Estonia in 2019, has been to represent the promoters of concert culture and to support their activities and development. 

“If Live Music Estonia was founded two years ago by about a dozen concert organizers, venues and music festivals, then now the number of members has increased almost five times. This illustrates quite well that there was a need for such a network. Although most of the last two years have been spent wrestling with the Covid-19 crisis, it has helped to illustrate how Estonian concert organizers want to find solutions to problems by having a discussion. I am extremely pleased that Ingrid Stroom is ready to take over this work now – because in addition to international experience and contacts, it can be seen that she can listen to others, synthesize different perspectives and act accordingly, ” says Henri Roosipõld, the current head of the branch.


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