Fanvestory is a marketplace for music copyrights, released in March 2017 allowing fans to buy a piece of music and be entitled to its future royalties while supporting the careers of the artists they believe in. Starting from November 29 the marketplace is open to artists and fans all over the world.

The first artist to join is a Latvian singer Justs with his newest single Are you there. The artist is gaining more and more attention outside his home country after representing Latvia at Eurovision 2016. Also, the fans of Liis Lemsalu in Estonia and abroad will now have the chance to buy shares of the songs from her freshly released album +1.

Fanvestory was released in March 2017 in Estonia, where the first projects featured some A category artists like the Eurovision Song Contest winner Tanel Padar and internationally notorious rapper Tommy Cash. Now it opens international markets meaning that artists worldwide can raise funds via Fanvestory and their fans, wherever they are, can buy shares and earn copyright royalties together with the authors.

Fanvestory will open international markets on November 29th at Slush Music. The first international artist to use this opportunity is Latvian singer Justs.

As the music industry is going more and more digital, the power of crowd has even greater effect on the success of a song. Spotify, YouTube and even radio revenues are connected to the viral spreading of the word. We shall give the power to fans, who can share the songs and earn financial rewards for helping.

See what Liis Lemsalu and Justs are talking about their Fanvestory project.

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