The 29th music conference Music & Media Finland will take place October 4–5 in Tampere, southern Finland. Finest Sounds' delegation and Music Estonia are also present. Since Music & Media Finland is a partner of the Finest Sounds project, large group of Japanese music business experts are also participating and sharing knowledge in the general seminar programme.

The participants of Estonian Finest Sounds' delegation are: 

- Virgo Sillamaa (Music Estonia);
- Juliana Voloz (JV Promotion);
- Thea Zaitsev (Pieces of 8 Music).

Finest Sounds is a Finnish-Estonian cross-border cooperation initiative in the music sector. Its objective is to bring more high quality Finnish and Estonian music to Japan – the second biggest music market in the world. Music & Media Finland is a partner of the Finest Sounds project and it brings the participating music companies from Estonia and Finland together with brands from other sectors such as fashion, games and hi-tech and a large group of Japanese music business experts, who also participate in the general seminar programme. The lead partner of Finest Sounds is Tampere University of Applied Sciences and other partners besides Music Estonia and Music and Media Finland are HUMAK - Finnish University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Tallinn Music Week, Tallinn University, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School, Music Finland.

Topics discussed during the Finest Sounds seminars will be:
- changes in Japan's music industry and how they will affect the promotion of international artists;
- brand partnerships in Japan;
- sub-publishing in Japan.

There's also going to be a networking session, which offers participants a chance to meet the Japanese delegation, connect with music companies and brands, as well as hear about the recently signed EU-Japan trade agreement.

Conference programme on Music & Media Finland's web.

Music & Media Finland is one of the longest-running music conferences in Nordic countries and Europe. Year after year both Finnish and international delegates praise the atmosphere, quality of production and networking possibilities at Music & Media Finland. It's both for people already working in music business and related industries and for those studying to be music professionals. The event brings together representatives from the fields of recording, production and distribution, events, live shows and the media – in all, over 700 participants from 20 or so countries all looking for new partners and contacts.

Music & Media Finland has become the most important international gateway for Finnish music and a networking hotspot connecting Finnish, Nordic, Baltic and Russian professionals with the global music community.

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