Showcase festival MENT Ljubljana takes place from January 31st to the February 2nd in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Estonia's music scene is represented by Avoid Dave, Trad.Attack! and Mart Avi. Music Estonia and Tallinn Music Week (TMW) will host a reception dedicated to Estonia's 100th and TMW's 10th jubilee.

Avoid Dave will take the stage on the 1st of February at Kino Šiška's hall Komuna at 20:00.

Pulsating rhythmic structures of Trad.Attack! can be heard on the 1st of February at Gala Hala at 23:00.

Mart Avi will share his creation on the 2nd of February at Channel Zero at 22:15.

Avoid Dave is the brainchild of Estonian singer/songwriter/producer and guitarist Taavi Paomets. After years of working with, songwriting for and performing with some of the biggest pop acts in Estonia, one could say that Dave definitely has an ear for writing those catchy melodies that just won't leave you, once you've been exposed to them. Dave has followed his soul-inspired journey into electronica, infusing different genres and bending styles to fit his personal take on electronic pop and dance music. After releasing first Erasing Frames EP in 2014 the soon to follow full debut album Insert Title skyrocketed into the electronic scene and brought the Best Electronic Album award in early 2016.  Avoid Dave has released two albums Insert Title (2015) and Up Against the Glass (2017). „Fire” won Second Place in the Performance category for the International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

Trad.Attack! has really turned Estonian music scene upside down by bringing traditional music to the big stages, building modern world around its archaic sounds. They take traditional songs – sometimes starting with scratchy recordings of long vanished village voices – and build pulsating rhythmic structures, creating an impressively big sound from acoustic 12-string guitar, drums and an array of whistles, bagpipes and jew’s harps. Sandra Vabarna – member and manager of Trad.Attack! – will share her management-knowledge on the 1st of February at 13:00 on the panel Manager's Panel – Up-and-coming Bands Management from A to XYZ.

Mart Avi is a young post-pop producer and vocalist from Estonia whose ghastly baritone, sound experiments and mannerisms have been compared to Scott Walker, Billy MacKenzie, David Bowie, and even Victorian-era explorers. Yet his readiness to find out wondrous entities and create self-mythologizing cross-indexes is entirely his own. His album Rogue Wave was named the best Estonian electronic album, while Mart himself received the Tallinn Music Week Award, voted for by delegates of the eponymous festival.

Music Estonia's and Tallinn Music Week's reception (Estonia 100 & Tallinn Music Week 10 Celebration) will take place on the 2nd of February at Moderna Café at 17:00. Organised bus transfer from Kino Šiška to Moderna will leave at 16:30.

MENT Ljubljana is a three-day showcase festival of fresh artists from all of Europe and beyond, during which around 60 acts perform at different venues in Ljubljana. The international conference focuses on the music industry and creativity.

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