On December the 8th the next VOLÜÜM development programme will start. It aims to support local artists and managers with an intention to work internationally by providing them with a personal mentor and also organising seminars and workshops. It's a third edition of the programme.

The artists participating in the programme are Abandoned Elysium, Avoid Dave, Catapulta, Estbel, Evestus, Frankie Animal, Kadri Voorand, Mart Avi, Peedu Kass Momentum, Púr Múdd, Tintura and Tuulikki Bartosik. Until now altogether 19 artists have participated in the programme, Erki Pärnoja, Curly Strings, Mari Kalkun, Taavi Tulev, Sibyl Vane among them.

During the programme, the current status and targets of the artist are being analysed, together with the mentor a strategy and action plan will be worked out and implemented. In addition to meetings and online sessions between the artist/manager and mentor, also seminars and workshops will take place.  
The mentors are Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, Martel Ollerenshaw, Nick Triani, Richard Foster, Riku Pääkkönen, Stepan Kazaryan, Tom Sherlock and Uta Bretsch.


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