Mauno Meesit is a guitarist and composer from Estonia who is expressing himself through minimalist instrumental music. On his latest album, "Varjudemaa“ Meesit shows his love for old acoustic instruments, guitar feedback and warm drones of echo machines. Meesit has been featured at Estonian Music awards, has written music for several TV serials and theatre plays and has released albums under German and Estonian labels. In 2015 Mauno Meesit released a ten song album "Closer“ that was the first one under his own name. After that, he wrote original music for popular Estonian TV series „Varjudemaa“ that was later released as an instrumental album by Grainy Records. “I feel very inspired by acoustic instruments and those microscopic sounds that you can hear when you stop for a moment and take the time to listen to how the sounds play with silence. Silence is not emptiness, it always has its own sound that holds everything else together.“


LabelGrainy Records

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