FRÄNDER plays modern acoustic folk music forged in the deep forests of the North. With seductive harmonies, heavy grooves and mesmerizing energy the members creates a unique musical landscape filled with mystery and charm. Their music seeks to unlock your imagination, create stories and paint pictures in your mind.

The band came together in 2015 with one purpose: to combine our fresh ideas with the sounds of tradition. They have found a strong symbiosis between the creative freedom within the expressive modern sound of nordic folk music and the traditional music of our ancestors. FRÄNDER have never been interested in reproducing the past, but strive to find new ways toward the future.

With members from both Sweden and Estonia, their roots run deep in the soil of both countries. At the same time, their branches spread out towards the furthest shores of music, to connect the roots of traditional music with modern influences. They wish to create a bridge between the past and the present.

FRÄNDER is an ancient Swedish word referring to both "family" and "kindred" as well as "fellow humans". At the same time it describes a closer, more soulful relationship between us as human beings than just friends. For us it means that we all are FRÄNDER.


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