Estonian music export amplifier

What is it?

Volüüm, the Estonian music export amplifier is development programme for Estonian artists and managers during which their export plan of near future is analyzed and developed.

Volüüm I – autumn/winter 2016. Already finished.
Volüüm II – winter/spring 2017. Currently on.

The main value of Volüüm programme is experienced foreign mentors who work with participating teams individually. In addition, the programme also features seminars, workshops and general support.

For whom the export programme is meant?

Volüüm is targeted to artist-manager teams or DIY artists who already have a certain fan base, have already obtained at least some experience from foreign markets, and – most importantly – have very clear and purposeful export ideas for the near future. While the programme has certainly a general educative, inspiring and motivating effect, the main focus of individual mentoring is on participants’ specific foreign action plans.

What does the programme feature?

The significant part of Volüüm is individual mentoring – a personal foreign mentor will be appointed to each participant (artist/manager team or solo artist) by Music Estonia, considering participant’s profile and needs. Programme mentors are all internationally experienced managers. In addition, the programme includes seminars on interesting music industry subjects, networking with other programme participants and participation in Tallinn Music Week 2017 festival as a delegate (as part of Volüüm II).

  • Personal mentor (monthly sessions (1 in Estonia, 3 via Skype);
  • One intensive seminar;
  • Monthly meetings with Music Estonia and other participants;
  • Tallinn Music Week 2017 delegate pass.

Focus topics:

  • Career planning and the development of export plan;
  • Artist profile – from identity and image to social media, etc;
  • Export goals – which markets, realistic analysis, market entering strategy, contacts, etc;
  • Tour planning and management;
  • Media & PR;
  • Industry Knowledge Package – revenue, live-industry, publishing, IP returns, etc.

How much does it cost?

The programme fee is 400 € and we can invoice only companies that are registered in Estonia. No VAT will be included. The payment can be made in different smaller parts as well. Ask more from marili@musicestonia.eu.

What do I have to do in order to participate?

Please keep an eye on our website and news for getting information about Volüüm III. We might announce it in the second half of summer 2017.


We have chosen professionals with long and diverse experience for our programme mentors, who have come across to building artist career’s different aspects and have also worked on smaller and more difficult markets. The last factor specifically is the biggest value for Estonian artists and managers who have desire to break through to foreign markets.

Volüüm II mentors include: