Estonian artists at BuSH festival in Budapest


Budapest hosts a regional showcase festival and music industry conference The Budapest Showcase Hub aka BuSH this week, on 16-18 November 2016, that focuses on the vivid music scene of East-Europe.

The festival includes two great Estonian artists, composer and guitarrist Argo Vals and post-rock/electro pop trio I Wear* Experiment. In addition, the director of Music Estonia will also participate in the conference.

According to Hando Jaksi from I Wear* Experiment, the whole band values the opportunity to introduce their music at BuSH. „This festival brings together the most important music industry names of the region. We already see the benefits of our participation as the interest towards our band and music before the festival has already been big,“ said Jaksi.

Altogether, there will be 25 artists from 13 different countries performing at BuSH, who all were selected from the selection offered by each country.

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