Creative Hack: Music Edition 2017

April 1, 2017

Creative Hack: Music Edition 2017 is a one-day music industry ideation hack session, where music-related possibilities and concepts are being brain-attacked.

This year we’re unraveling four topics in teams of 5-7 people formed around the topics. These teams will hack towards fresh concepts and ideas. To keep up the creative heat, the process will be observed and counselled by a group of creative industry mentors from Estonia and abroad. Within the 4 topics, one topic is presented by Finest Sounds intiative ( and focusing on innovative collaboration formats in music export.

Participation with pre-registration only, fee €10.
Please note that you must select your preferred topic at registration.
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(1) Artist toolbox- Internet has certainly lowered the barriers for up and coming artists to get to the market. With affordable or (near-)free tools available, you can do almost everything yourself – from recording to promoting, from getting your music to many platforms to engaging your fans ever more directly. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds as finding the right ones and learning to really use them is time consuming and time is what DIY-s lack the most. What kind of smart tools could go further and really help artist/manager to run their business in whatever aspect of it in the most efficient way possible?

(2) Using big data for destination scouting / marketing – Knowing the market you’re trying to enter is a given. What does “knowing” mean in music sector? Firstly, it makes sense to look at it city by city – country is often too big and abstract for certain level of details. Secondly, it goes beyond just the list of venues and can reach into understanding the types of audiences, their listening and communication habits etc. How could we use various kinds of data to map a concrete market such as a city in greater detail? And what kind of tools could be built to make use of that data in a relevant way for a music manager/artist?

(3) How to tell a story? (branding) – If you’re a brand entering a market, building a presence is a huge challenge. It’s increasingly more demanding then just placing ads, it’s about telling your story. Music is more universal than languages and so has always held great potential to convey emotions and through that stories across cultures. It can also work for artists – being from a place that has a certain aura, can give an extra quality and draw interest. Well, it’s easier said than done. Through a special project called Finest Sounds, Estonian and Finnish music companies and brands are looking towards building a presence in Japanese market. The Nordic countries already have an identity basis there that Estonia probably links in to – both geographically and culturally. How would you tell a story of a Nordic brand or an artist while using the narrative canvas of the wider landscape of nordics? Finest Sounds project related hack (see more on Finest Sounds at

(4) Analog vs. digital (Music in technology vs Technology in music) – In the past communicating musically meant learning to play an instrument and/or writing your ideas down in a highly specific musical notation. Digital technology can (and already has) radically disrupt this. What tools can we think up that could really open up ways for people to express them in sound and music in a more intuitive and spontaneous ways? Whether writing in a new “language”, using some gesture or movement sensitive interfaces or creating soundwaves with a swipe – anything is possible!