About us

Music Estonia was founded in 2014 by Estonian music companies. The organization aims to facilitate the growth and development of Estonian music industry and to promote Estonian music internationally.

Music Estonia’s mission is to facilitate the development of Estonian music industry into a professional, profitable, innovative and international sector that successfully creates and exports globally competitive services, products and trademarks and in the process creates new jobs.

Music Estonia aims to become a competence centre of the highest level that – while being fully connected to the international network of music industry and export organisations – represents the interests and responds to the needs of Estonian music companies both locally and internationally. Music Estonia’s vision for the future of the sector foresees the growth of Estonian music companies that have successfully developed contemporary innovative business models and therefore integrated themselves fully into the global digital music market. These companies in their own turn create new opportunities for Estonian artists, songwriters and composers to bring their art to global audiences and market in economically sustainable ways and thus create new value both in cultural and financial sense.



Helen Sildna

is the founder and head of Tallinn Music Week, the annual showcase festival and conference started in 2009 that has become the most important music industry event in the Nordic-Baltic region and the veritable engine of Estonian music export development. In addition she organises and promotes concerts through her company Musiccase OÜ.

Tiina Jokinen

is the founder and CEO of Estonian Record Productions - the oldest and biggest Estonian label focusing on contemporary and classical music. She is also running several festivals with international profile (Orient, Glasperlenspiel).

Tambet Mumma

has for the better part of the last 10+ years been one of the most successful managers of local mainstream pop acts (Laura Põldvere, Urban Symphony, Getter Jaani). He's also founder, owner and CEO of Moonwalk agency.

Marje Lohuaru

being a professor at the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy she has been the leader and coordinator of diverse development projects and organisations in the field of classical music, both locally and internationally, and has long time experience in running various European Union projects in the field of culture and education. She is also EU-s academic expert. As the founder and head of Classical Sounds OÜ she is actively running music export projects and concert activities.

Virgo Sillamaa

is a recognized musician in the field of jazz and improvised music, an avid activist and developer in the field of music education, founder and chair of Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Society. Through his company Avarusmusic OÜ, he is releasing records, managing several jazz / new music artists and organising concerts, conferences and other events.

Mihkel Kübar

is the main organizer of Intsikurmu music festival. Through his company Kaabu OÜ, he also organises various concerts and is a manager to several artists.

Raul Sööt

is a jazz musician, composer and lecturer at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EMTA). As a composer, he has written music to very different kinds of groups, from chamber groups to big bands and symphony orchestras. In addition, Raul Sööt is the head of Deeper Sound ensemble.

Lukas Groen

is composer and conductor of Dutch origin. He has conducted reputable symphony orchestras from all over the world and has merited the title of best Dutch young conductor. Lukas is currently the head and manager of Järvi Academy and the producer and manager of Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta.


Virgo Sillamaa


Martiina Putnik

International projects manager

Marili Randla

Services and clients manager

Sandra Laura Luhtein

Research assistant

Sandra Perens

Project manager of songwriting camp


Music Estonia has currently 40 members, among them labels, production companies and managements. All companies registered in Estonia that have based their services, products or brands on the creation, performance or distribution of music or are using music as a core component in their services, products or brands are eligible for membership.

The members of Music Estonia can be a part of shaping the organisation through the general assembly and are offered several discounts for services.

  • Moonwalk OÜ
  • Made in Baltics OÜ
  • Musiccase OÜ
  • Soundsright Management OÜ
  • Birdeye Entertainment OÜ
  • Sundja, Sundja & Sundja OÜ
  • Seven Lights Management OÜ
  • Classical Sounds OÜ
  • Erp OÜ
  • Esttradmusic OÜ
  • MTÜ Folk Attack
  • Svjata Vatra OÜ
  • Nordic Waves OÜ
  • Nubeat OÜ
  • Unforgiven OÜ
  • Avarusmusic OÜ
  • Sidus OÜ
  • Kallmann Music
  • OÜ Estartist
  • Crunch Industry OÜ
  • Star Management OÜ
  • Kimomo Music OÜ
  • Roundsound OÜ
  • MTÜ Kammerkoor Voces Musicales
  • Deeper Sound OÜ
  • Open Room OÜ
  • World Clinic / Finex Arendus OÜ
  • Neatbiit OÜ
  • PLMF Arts Management OÜ
  • Aaa Music Management And Supervision OÜ
  • Music Maker OÜ
  • Vaikust Filmin OÜ
  • Kaabu OÜ
  • Muusikaühing La Nota
  • Lista OÜ
  • Erik Lindström OÜ
  • MTÜ Collegium Musicale
  • AEG Music OÜ
  • Odd Hugo Music OÜ
  • Woodbox OÜ

A boards decision is needed to activate the membership and it will be discussed and decided in the next board meeting after the application is sent. Music Estonia board meets at least once a month, but the applications usually take much less to process.

The company has to be registered in Estonia to be eligible for membership.

The membership fees are charged via invoice and are the following:
→ Joining fee is €80
→ Annual membership fee is €100


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