Indie Classical project events at TMW

March 30 - April 1, 2017

3⊂IC is a project which transforms this year’s ClubContemporaryClassical festival (C3) edition into a roadshow of four ensembles across Europe and puts it into a wider context of Indie Classical (IC) movement. During the Tallinn Music Week 2017 (TMW) week it is possible to participate in many related events and get deeper insight into what exactly is IC, its attitude and how does it sound like. MORE INFO on C3⊂IC

Thursday / March 30 – workshops @Nordic Hotel Forum,
– 14:00 – 15:00 C3⊂IC workshop with Hauschka
– 15:30 – 17.00 C3⊂IC workshop with Brendan Jan Walsh

NB! Open to all participants (also to non-TMW delegates), but pre-registration is required via THIS LINK

Friday / March 31 – panel and network meeting @Nordic Hotel Forum
– 14:30 – 15.30 panel discussion @TMW conference “Indie Classical – is that a thing?
– 15:45 – 17:30 Indie Classical Network Meeting

NB! The panel is part of TMW conference and therefore accessible only to TMW registered delegates. The network meeting is accessible to pre-registered workshop participants! (Use the link above to register to the workshops and IC network meeting).

Friday / March 31Üle Heli x Nonclassical x C3 Festival x Japan Sound Portrait Night

Saturday / April 1 – C3 festival at Klassikaraadio Contemporary Music Stage



C3⊂IC Workshop with Hauschka
Thursday / March 30 / 14:00 – 15:00

„A new attitude between classical education & club culture. New piano music that means more than academical exercises in experimentalism“
Moderated and presented by Fabian Lasarzik, Artistic Co-Director / International Relations of C3⊂IC, Piranha Arts

Oscar nominee 2017 Hauschka talks about classical and club music, the use of electronics in contemporary art, artistic curiosity and classical training, genre blending & remixes and border crossing artistic collaborations as everlasting sources of inspirations.

More Info:

C3⊂IC Workshop with Brendan Jan Walsh
Thursday / March 30 / 15:30 – 17:00

“Indieclassical is so much more than a genre. It’s an attitude and a reflection of our globalised times where artists are entrepreneurs who break barriers, traditions, expectations and stereotypes.”

In this workshop, Brendan Jan Walsh will lead you through some pioneering artistic business cases around the world. You will be invited to apply the tips, tricks and theories in your own environment. If you believe arts are the mirror of society, then join this workshop and reflect upon your own role. Let’s open up a whole new world of possibilities!

More Info:

NB! Open to all participants (you don’t have to be a TMW delegate), but pre-registration is required via THIS LINK



Panel discussion
Friday / March 31 / 14:30 – 15:30
Indie Classical – is that a thing?
How contemporary and classical music scene is dealing with the Now

For the better part of the twentieth century classical music as the bearer of the High Art trademark was kept floating in a pristine (and mostly publicly funded) space of pure creativity for its own sake. Borders, while always crossed both ways, were clearly recognisable – the contemporary classical (how confusing!) musicians were different from other “types” by education, performance culture, repertoire, inner dynamics between the dualism of composers and performers and (at least it was so presumed) by audiences. This has been questioned more and more in this century by both the creators/performers themselves, who are more and more willing to experiment with every aspect of their artistry, and also from audiences whose music tastes have been splintered by the digital technology and access to everything. Where creators and many listeners are rushing, the institutions are slow to follow.

In 2016 at Classical:NEXT conference the Indie Classical Network was started. Is it a new genre, a mindset to go beyond genres or just an attempt to label an already happening omnidirectional synthesis of everything that used-to-be-classical into everything else?

Hauschka – musician
Taavi Kerikmäe – musician
Jane Beese – Head of Music, Roundhouse
Eleanor Ward – Nonclassical
Brendan Jan Walsh – Owner, Brending

Moderator: Fabian Lasarzik – Piranha Arts

First Indie Classical network meeting of the Nordic Countries
Friday / March 31 / 15:45 – 17:30

Indie Classical (or shouldn’t we be so bold of coining it ‘Indieclassical’ in one word) is a global movement of music-minded innovators who bend genres and erase borders. To gain insight in this fascinating development, regions around the world are hosting network meetings that bring together those people with a curious mind and ear for indieclassical. One of the goals is to create a global map of all the indieclassical in the world. This is the first network meeting of its kind in the Nordic countries!

Open to artists, presenters, agents, techies, press and other professionals involved with or with an interest in indieclassical. It is a meeting to connect, share and learn so we don’t all have to re-invent the wheel. Let us help each other in finding the best business models and partners in crime.

The network meeting is hosted by Brendan Jan Walsh. This session will be lively, interactive and engaging. Caffeine shortly beforehand is advised.



Home Concert
Thursday / March 30 / Suur-Pararei 18A
17:30 There Are No More Four Seasons (SE)
18:00 Ekke (EE)

Üle Heli x Nonclassical x C3 Festival x Japan Sound Portrait Night
Friday /  March 31 / Mustpeade Maja
18:30 There Are No More Four Seasons (SE) (Olavi saal)
19:15 Hauschka (DE) & There Are No More Four Seasons (SE) (Olavi saal)
20:00 Hauschka (DE) (Olavi saal)

Full schedule of the showcase HERE

Klassikaraadio Contemporary Music Stage
Saturday / April 1 / Mustpeade Maja White Hall
18:00–18:45 U: & ekke
19:00–19:45 In Code
19:45–20:00 In Code – U: & ekke

Full schedule of the showcase HERE